Ready for Summer

We are ready for summer, it is meant to arrive next week whooo hooo! We are fully stocked with fly masks/bug rugs and a huge range of fly repellents so bring it on!¬† We cant wait to shampoo, clip and tidy up our mud monsters and turn them back into the beautiful beasts .We will soon be busy harrowing, rolling and fertilising the paddocks to banish winter for good.We have some great new clothing instore from active wear to short sleeve polo tops and t-shirts. A lovely selection of show shirts jackets are in store now and some new styles and colours in the ever popular Rugged breeches range will be arriving very soon. A beautiful new spanish style country boot is on its way soon and also a great selection of riding tights which will be perfect for the warmer months.There will be two new events to look foward to our safety week which will include discounts on riding hats and a Veterinary¬† advice and information evening on “Worming” will be hosted at Wellies Restaurant, so please keep checking our Facebook page for further information.

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