Lots of great new stock!

Lots of exciting new products have arrived this week, including new horse rugs: a coolex and a super tough Avalanche turnout rug, and also the new style Herbb body hugger rugs which now have a neck or a belly guard. Some super synthetic childs long riding boots have arrived at an unbeatable price, and the Ruff And Tumble dog drying coats are now here. I wish the dog coats had arrived sooner it would have saved me a lot of mopping ! All of our Spring clothing is now in store lots of cheerful bright colours we just need it to warm up Now please! We have two events coming soon; a veterinary talk on worming and we will also be participating in Saftey Week to promote the importance of correctly fitted safety equipment, this will also include a customer discount on hats and body protectors so this will be a great time to have your hats and body protectors checked in store (for free). So please keep ane eye on our Facebook page for these events.

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