Dog Food, New Footwear and Winter Blues!

Welcome to our new weekly blog!

This week has been a quieter one than usual, but it gives us time to catch up on chores and lots more time to chat to our lovely customers. MUD seems to have been the main topic of conversation but we feel reassured that Spring is around the corner, thank goodness! We have even noticed this week that it is now light when we leave at 5.15pm- not long until we will have time to ride after work!

Our most popular items this week have, unfortunately, been vet wrap and poultice. Due to the prolonged wet weather conditions foot abcesses have increased, but our customers have been praising their Vets and Farriers for the extra help they have given at short notice. We have also sold more lunging equipment because  horses on restricted turnout are needing extra exercise to keep them occupied, fit and hopefully calmer.

On Wednesday we had a visit from our Skinners dog food rep who updated us on their latest stock , and dropped off some new customer leaflets. Currently we only stock their 15kg bags, but we are considering stocking this popular dry dog food in new smaller size bags (2.5kg) which are cheaper, easier to store and gives you a chance to try a small amount first. He also taught us a bit about the pros and cons of feeding dogs a raw diet.

On Thursday we received an exciting delivery from ariat containing the new Kendron Pro Paddock boots and the Kendron Chap. The Kendron pro paddock boot is a versatile leather riding boot with two side zips, making them comfortable and very easy to put on. The kendron chap features a high spanish cut topline, and stetch pannels at the back for a perfect fit.

Our 50% off winter coat sale is still on, which looking at the forecast, will come in handy for wrapping up warm next week- we have even heard some mention of snow!

We will be posting every friday so watch this space for more news and gossip!

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